For The Love of Letters

May 14, 2014

Letters.  This is WHAT I have.  Letters strung together to make a sound. Sounds that eventually coalesce to form words. Enough words coalesced together converge to form a thought. Ultimately, that thought signals the brain to fire electrical pulses across the synapses to create emotions and feelings.

My love of letters and words has its genesis in 1987: high school, 11th grade.  My father explained to me “words have power and can open doors”.  He told me of a story in which he needed to meet with a city hall official in New Orleans.  For whatever reason, the administrative assistant told him the official was not available at the moment.  Being the “talker” that he is – if you know me, then you know that I inherited the Gift of Gab from him – he proceeded to tell her: “Oh. I get it. There must be a surreptitious plot!” He says immediately the administrative assistant got up to get the official (who was apparently available all along).  Door opened. I was immediately spellbound and started learning the definition of words and how to use them.  He bought me a book called How to Build a Better Vocabulary.  I have been a “word nerd” ever since.

So the guy who coerced me into writing beautifully (see my home page) also instigated my love of words. And as I quoted on my home page, destiny being a determined parent, I am learning that my destiny is indeed in letters and words.  As I told one Facebook friend, after posting a Joni Mitchell lyric relating to her post: “I am beginning to discover that that’s my purpose here on earth-letters creating words, which create thoughts and evoke emotions.”  I have created my own 9-word memoir for this:

 I write stuff!

Beautiful Letters.   Elegant Words.    Exquisite Prose.


I hope my letters, as I have been told, make you “SCREAM” upon receipt. Or “moved me to tears!” Or “whisk me away to Neverland!” Whatever your reaction, I hope my letters and calligraphy “Gives out anything to grow and feed on.” Joni Mitchell

Beautiful Letters

I am a Crane and Co. Enthusiast | Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy
[...] my eyes watered with ebulliently ecstatic emotions!!!  I was especially excited that my 2-week, 1000 Envelopes Journey was mentioned in the intro.  And the ‘secret sauce’?  It is nothing more than Love, [...]
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Thanks Lissahn. I will keep "swimming". I like to think of it as the formation of a Diamond. It is the the hardest substance known to man. It is forged under the most intense and highest of pressures. Once it is cut and polished its BRILLIANCE is magnificent!!! Yes we are where we belong. Let's make our dreams a real life magical fantasy!
Wrapped Couture (Lissahn)
You are amazing my friend!!! 13 months ago today, my car flipped over and my world did too. I began to have the same feelings and concerns that you're having now, with my then 18 and 14 year old. God never gives us more than we can handle, although it may seem like it in the moment. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and I hope to continue to work with you in the industry that we are both meant to be in! Press on my friend. Press on!
My Dear Friend you are AWESOME too! I Love You! :-)
Thank you SO much for the sentiment! I owe the start of ALL my calligraphy journey to your son! He put the idea in my mind and it just took off! So I feel lucky to know your son and daughter-in-law too! :-)
As long as you participate, you join anytime! :-)
Lynn White
So I'm late on this journey with you, but I'm all caught up now. WOW Ashanti you are awesome. I know you can do this!
Loyce Wheatley
It's an honor and a pleasure to know you in the mist of your 1000 envelopes journey. I'm enjoying the ride with you.
Awesome! What a great accomplishment...woohoo
One thing I always told my sons was,"Practice, practice, practice"! In a sense, you're practicing on 1,000 envelopes, so you're bound to get faster...and better!!! You have inspired me to do something with those Phish lyrics now.....someday soon, after I finish these other 10 projects I want to do!! Oh, I've been "borrowing", no, stealing some of your daily quotes and putting them on my FB page. Thanks for sharing those.
My 1000 Envelopes Journey – Day 7 | Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy
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Thank you for showing us those Phish lyrics. Very touching! I would like to frame them also. Btw, when I was in high school, I used to make posters using lines from songs that I liked. Of course, they had lots of neon colors so they'd glow under my black light! I feel very lucky to have a son who has a friend as special as you. And your son is so lucky to have you for his dad! Take care, Ashanti. This world needs you!!
Erica Williams
Awesome...I love the lyrics of that song...Oh by the way did I also mention that you are AWESOME....have a great day :)
Sally Laporta
How's your hand holding up? Are you icing? Try to ice if even if you don't think that you need to. You'll be glad that you did by day 8. Keep up the great work! You'll do terrifically!!! Whoo Hoo!
Ashley Lloyd
Way to go Ashanti! You'll get them done and, of course, they will be stunning! They trusted the right person with their announcements! :)
Lissahn {Wrapped Couture}
I'm so excited for you and look forward to this journey of yours my friend!!!
I love that you are making this into such a fab experience-for you and for us! That is what makes the world an amazing place! Keep up the incredible work:)
Val @ Utah Bride & Groom magazine
Oh, Ashanti, I know you can do it. And do it with a smile! Sending all my well wishes to you.
Jaime Vieta Myers
You are the perfect scribe for this magnificent sentiment! I am privileged to take the "1000 Envelopes Journey" with you! Buono Fortuna!
Erica Williams
This is YOUR time my dear friend....I am so proud of you :)
Loyce Wheatley
I’m so EXCITED!!!..for you. The man with the “Magic Hands” that you’re journaling about your journey and sharing the details with the rest of us. I am also glad that I’ve met another perfectionist who’s passionate about their craft & profession as I am. Yes, iron sharpens iron and sometimes we need someone to help keep us on point in the thick of an out of the box project. I have all the faith in you that it’s going to be an amazing job when you’re done because you are the man with the “MAGIC HANDS” with the big personality. It’s an open door for bigger and better projects to come....Cheers!
Melissa Brown
Fantastic work! 1000 envelopes at once is a feat of epic proportions. Keep going...!!
Melissa Brown
Great job! 1000 envelopes is a feat of epic proportions. Keep going...!!!
Kathy Romero
I love the "Magic Hands" !!! Classic. However, what I love more is that you'll be sharing this journey with us. You are capable of this and MORE! GO! Kathy
Tessa @ Salt Lake/Park City Bride and Groom
Awesome work as always, Ashantai!
Plain & Fancy Living
It was so much fun chatting with you and meeting so many nice people. Your writing is just gorgeous. True talent. I look forward to tweeting with you in the future:) Amy R.
Kate Lewis
All my swoons are yours! I enjoyed being there, too! Great fun!
Michele Papineau
I had a gentleman walk into my studio earlier today and asked if I gave calligraphy classes. His name is David. We talked for about a half an hour and I sent him away with 2 felt tip pens, 2 calligraphy books on loan and a pad of paper. I opened up my computer and showed him your recent blog posting and your website. And then I told him your story. And the more I talked, I realized how amazing your story and talent is. Truly!!!
Tad Feder
Yeah bookmaking this wasn't a risky determination outstanding post!
Whitney Shaw
Nice job!

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